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Leadership Skills : Success Through Team work


Course Information

  • Course Price EGP 500
  • Place Alexandria,Egypt
  • Total Students 10
  • Course Duration 1 Weeks
  • Course Start July 22, 2018


Course Description
Leaders who inspire teams to work together can deliver results and services faster, better and more cost effectively. In this course, you gain the skills to structure, measure and tune performance in a service team environment. Through practical workshops, you learn how to become a leader who equips his or her team with the skills and capabilities to optimise productivity and performance and deliver high-quality results.


  • Course Outline

     Focusing on people: the key to successful leadership
     Debunking the charisma requirement
     Defining leadership and leadership effectiveness
     Linking the behaviours, competencies and responsibilities of successful leaders
    Structuring Effective Work Design
    Identifying the components of effective teamwork
     The power of team-owned ground rules
     Optimising team structure
    Designing effective work assignments
     Matching task-to-team organisation
     Selecting the best team design
    Shaping the Leadership Thought Process
    Managing beyond your team boundaries
    Protecting the team from outside pressure and disturbance
     Influencing key players to secure resources
    Questioning leadership conventions
     Countering the myth of "Big L" leadership
     Applying quiet leadership skills
    Harnessing the Power of Motivation and Performance Measurement
    Building team-led effectiveness
     Analysing the subtle forces of measurement
     Measuring what matters
     Building a positive psychological contract
     Tuning measures to optimise results
    Overcoming roadblocks to productivity
       Anticipating and deflecting external pressures
       Ranking team member motivators
    Forging Your Role as a Leader
    Integrating management and leadership
     Distinguishing the five components of effective leadership
     Applying leadership in service delivery teams
    Refining a powerful leadership approach
      Coaching your team for enhanced performance
      Building performance through emotionally intelligent leadership
    Adopting a servant-leadership role
       Making the team your primary customer
       Enhancing individual and team capabilities
       Enabling the team as a key leadership activity
    Adapting Your Leadership Role to Accommodate Difference
    Expanding your leadership perspective and capabilities
      Adopting attitudes and expectations to enhance performance
     Taking on the challenge of leadership excellence
    Converting difference into team effectiveness
     Appreciating the uniqueness of each team member
     Capitalising on the differences and diversity of your team
    Pinpointing chokepoints in team dynamics
     Modelling your team as a system
     Optimising system effectiveness
    Designing an Effective Team Communication Strategy
    The elements of successful communication
     The causal link between climate, mood and productivity
      Recognising mutual communication styles
      The dominance of emotion in communication and thought
    Applying a diverse communication approach
      Matching channels for communication clarity
      Factoring in the impact of technology
      Bridging differences across distance and culture
      Managing for agreement and handling conflict
    Planning Your Transition to Successful Leadership
      Building your vision for your high-performing team
      Matching your leadership strategies to your team realities
      Managing reentry into the workplace

Start Date End Date Time Day
22 July 2018 26 July 2018 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM Sun-Thr