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Finance for Non Finance Professionals

Course Information

  • Course PriceEGP 1500
  • Place Alexandria,Egypt
  • Total Students 10
  • Course Duration 3 Days
  • Course Start July 1 2018


Why is the program so popular? Because it provides you with the financial fundamentals you need to perform well in the modern business world, yet does so in a stimulating and easy-to-follow manner. 

You will discover the importance of the numbers and how they relate to corporate objectives, without dying of boredom.

Course Objective

Case studies reinforce the fundamentals of finance presented throughout the course. Participants work in teams to gain experience in:

  • Analyzing and creating income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements
  • Establishing and managing realistic operating budgets
  • Selecting the most profitable projects or activities
  • Calculating a budget to achieve stated financial goals
  • Applying financial principles to real-world situations

    Course Outline

    Talking the talk - financial language and what it means

    • balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements
    • what they tell you, how they are prepared and how they link together
    • the key figures in financial statement analysis and how to interpret them
    • determining financial health and performance, financial ratios, and how analysts measure your performance
    • So how do I plan for…?
    • ROI - what it is and how product results contribute to it
    • establishing an ROI for profit planning
    • costing and contribution accounting
    • costing techniques in profit planning and their use
    • break-even analysis and why it is important
    • managing risk and uncertainty

    Giving your management the freedom to move

    • profit versus cash operating budgets - planning and control
    • cash planning techniques - long-term and short-term
    • forecasting funding requirements
    • financing the business, equity versus debt

    Evaluating projects - will it bankrupt the company?

    • evaluating projects from a financial perspective
    • project evaluation techniques and capital budgeting
    • Discounted Cash Flow and its use in project evaluation
    • alternative methods of Discounted Cash Flow, internal rate of return and NPV

    Case studies - how to do it and when

    • calculating profitability, liquidity and management of working capital using financial ratios
    • preparing break-even analyses
    • critical evaluation of proposed finance plans, cash versus profit plans
    • evaluating capital expenditure proposals
    • pricing policies and company profitability
    • defining shareholder value, and how your project can contribute to it
Start Date End Date Time Day
1 July 2018 3 July 2018 010:00 AM - 03:00 PM Sun-Tu