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Revit Structure Training


Course Information

  • Course Price EGP 500
  • Place Alexandria,Egypt
  • Total Students 10
  • Course Duration 1 Weeks
  • Course Start July 22, 2018


 Autodesk  Revit  Structure  software  provides  structural  engineers  and  designers  with  the  tools  to  design building structural buildings more easily in 3D. Built to support Building Information Modeling (BIM), Autodesk Revit Structure helps users use intelligent models to gain project insight through simulation and analysis andpredict performance prior to construction. Document designs more accurately using coordinated and consistentinformation inherent in the intelligent models. Worksharing distributes the power of the parametric buildingmodeling environment across the project team. Multiple users can share the same intelligent building informationmodel and save their work to a central file. With proper Autodesk Revit Server implementation in a projecttogether with architects and M&E engineers consultants will allows all Autodesk Revit users to workconcurrently and vice versa.


Course OUtline

  • Introduction to Revit

  • - Interface

    - Working with a Project

    - Navigation between views

    Setting up Levels and Grids

    - Creating Levels

    - Placing Grid Lines

    Working with Views

- Creating Elevations

- Creating Sections

- Creating Callouts

Editing Elements

- Selecting Elements for Editing

- Working with Temporary Dimensions

Modifying Objects

- Basics: Move, Copy, Rotate, Array and Mirror

- Advanced: Align, Split, Offset, Trim and Extend

Creating an Architectural Underlay

- Working with Architectural Underlays

- Importing and Linking CAD Files

- Linking Revit Projects

- Copying and Monitoring Elements

Adding Columns and Walls

- Placing Structural and Slanted Structural Columns

- Drawing and Modifying Walls

Adding Foundations

- Strip Footings

- Step and Spread Footings

- Piers and Pilasters

- Structural Slabs

Structural Reinforcement

- Cover Depth

- Adding Rebar

- Area and path reinforcement

Beams and Framing systems

- Adding Beams and Beam Systems

- Modifying Beams

- Labeling Framing

Brace Frames

- Framing Elevations

- Adding Bracing

Floors, Shafts and Stairs

- Creating Floor Systems

- Creating and Framing Shaft Openings

- Understanding Stairs and Ramps


- Selecting Elements for Editing

- Working with Temporary Dimensions


- Setting Up Detail Views

- Creating Details

- Annotating Details

- Patterning


- Column Schedules

- Modifying Schedules

- Other Schedules

- Legend Views

Sheets and Revisions

- Creating Sheets

- Placing and Modifying Views

- Adding Revisions

- Printing Sheets

Start Date End Date Time Day
5 Augst 2018 9 August 2018 10:00 am - 03:00 PM Sun-Thr